Pay people right.

Our payroll service is designed for folks partaking in our bookkeeping or tax services. It’s a necessary aspect of your business and the perk of OnaPayroll is that you’ll work with the same OnaTeam. 


Partnered with Gusto, we are a full service payroll provider offering several options to fit your tech needs and budget.

the Options

We offer 2 tiers, Core and Complete. Core is the basic plan, Complete offers more accessibility and HR functions.


  • Full direct deposit
  • Impounding and remittance of all payroll taxes per pay period
  • Employee accruable benefits (1 PTO plus sick time)
  • Filing all tax returns, including year-end W2's
  • Employee online accounts to access paystubs and W2's


  • All items included in Core tier
  • Employer access to run reports
  • Paperless new employee forms process - Simply enter your new employees email and they are emailed W4, I9 and direct deposit authorization forms to complete on their own. Forms are saved inside your employer online account, fully accessible.
  • Enhanced employee account options including ability to update direct deposit and withholding exemptions data on their own.
  • Employee time tracking capabilities


Pricing is simple and transparent. There are no additional costs for filings or processing. 

Core - Monthly fee: $85 base + $8/per employee

Complete - Monthly fee: $85 base + $16/per employee


*Limitations apply for certain payroll processing specialties and sizes. If we feel we cannot adequately handle your payroll we will determine that in the initial interview process or upon new developments to your business. We have relationships with other payroll providers and can help get you where you need to go if the need arises.